Porto Blues Fest 2019

The 3rd edition of the Porto Blues Fest will take place in Oporto (Palácio de Cristal gardens) between the 17th and 18th May 2019. Tickets are already available for sale and this year’s edition presents a food stand managed by the Argentinian chef Chakall that will appeal to the smells and flavours of New Orleans (the jazz capital of the US).

Tickets range from 20 euros for a single day to 30 euros for both days.

The layout for the Fest is the following:

  • 17th May – Friday:
    • 22h00: Henrik Freischlader Band
    • 23h30: Juwana Jenkin
  • 18th May – Saturday:
    • 22h00: Gwyn Ashton
    • 23h30: Minnemann Blues Band

If you are into jazz, then this is an event you cannot miss! Book now and stay with us!!