Living room

The Oporto Douro Valley is a lovely penthouse loft located in one of the most historical and central areas of Oporto. The living room in this apartment simultaneously allows you to relax, eat, cook and sleep. It is a multifunction design that tries to make the most out of the small space available in the penthouse without compromising comfort and safety.

The living room has a double continental bed equipped with a comfortable orthopaedic mattress, a warm duvet and two fluffy pillows. Additionally, it also boasts a big sofa bed with plenty of pillows that can seat three people or allow one person to sleep. An additional pillow and duvet is available in the sofa bed drawers!

Close to the double bed, there is a large shelf by the window that can be used as a working table or as a dining table. Three high chairs are available and no matter what you do, there is one guarantee: the breathtaking view is always there!!

For those of you that still want to watch TV, then you can find the flat TV set by the windows in the left corner! Just lay down on the sofa and watch your favourite TV show or movie. 100 channels are available!!